A sound has emerged from the depths.

Three hundred years ago, the journey began. Through calm waters and crashing waves, by sailors toil and solemn resolve, the vessel that would reveal the Shipwreck Guitar sailed from European shores. The harbour at Renews, Newfoundland is where it slipped below the surface. Not lost, but waiting.

Pray for a wreck
in the morning.

The seas have left their indelible mark on these one-of-a-kind guitars, and they yearn to share it. Left alone in the depths for centuries, you’ll feel the pent-up energy within the Tidebreaker as it comes to life in your hands – and your playing will never be the same.

The maiden voyage.

Resurrected over two decades ago, the saltwater-infused timbers of this 16th century sunken ship rested in a meadow, untouched and tempered by island winds. Those timbers have now been given a new life. The mysteries of the Atlantic are the music of the Shipwreck.