The Design

The inspiration for these guitars actually appeared to Greg in a vision, fully-formed in his mind. Ancient oak in hand (and blueprints in mind), he went to his workshop and set to work and eventually brought forth Dawn, the first in the Tidebreaker series.

The unique design and shape of the body pays homage to the qualities and character of the source material and to the sea and landscape of Renews itself – every component was selected with careful consideration paid to tonal qualities. Volume and tone knobs display a subtle Jolly Roger, a nod to 16th century pirates like Peter Easton who were active in the waters off Newfoundland in the days this ship sailed. 

On the outer edges of the guitar, you’ll find an ominous quote burned into the body, a reminder of each Tidebreaker’s reclaimed roots:

“Pray for a wreck in the morning”

This comes from Greg’s deep family ties to the southern shores of Newfoundland. His great-grandmother often included the prayer when putting his grandmother to bed at night. A wreck in the morning meant nearby locals could salvage items they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

The Tidebreaker is not only incredibly unique, but also a dream to play. The solid oak and adorned components offer a variety of sounds and intonations that can only be heard through this rare guitar.  Surpassing Greg’s initial expectations, the finished product can handle anything in its path – from wide open, soulful blues to the muddier side of the waters, nothing escapes the reach of a Tidebreaker.

Some other Tidebreaker features include:

  • Custom Warmoth slim taper maple neck with a 24 ¾” scale length for easier playability.
  • Babicz full contact bridge for maximum resonance.
  • Custom headstock designed to resemble a galleon sail, finished with Gotoh precision tuners.
  • Vivid model pickups (custom, hand-wound humbuckers) made by Craig Vineham in Botwood, Newfoundland.
  • Naturally incorporated or built-in treenails.
  • Nitrocellous Laquer finish to capture and preserve the wood details.