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It is always darkest before the Dawn. The first in our line of Tidebreakers, this guitar is the hopeful ray of light that signifies the beginning of our bold adventure, to create and be inspired.

Dawn leads the fleet. Bearing a distinct yellow strip, Dawn marks our course as the rising sun stretches across an endless sea.

This one-of-a-kind guitar has been sold.


  • Handcrafted book-matched top, carefully built with rudimentary tools
  • A treenail either naturally incorporated or built-in
  • Body curves like waves in the ocean
  • Custom retro volume and tone circuit
  • Volume and tone knobs display a subtle skull and crossbones, a tie to pirates like Peter Easton who was active at the time of this ship’s life.
  • Custom Warmoth slim taper maple neck with a 24 ¾” Gibson-type scale length to give easier playability and a slightly muddier tone.
  • Custom headstock designed to depict a wind-loaded galleon sail finished with Gotoh precision tuners with a traditional sail vibe.
  • Woodburned inscriptions
  • Finished with 7 clear coats of Nitrocellous Laquer to capture and preserve the wood details and a Babicz full contact bridge for maximum resonance.